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Safe, simple and fair

Do you want to work extra while you study? Or do you want to build your resume?

With Yepstr you can work when you are available and choose the jobs that interest you. After your first tasks you will unlock more levels and get access to more jobs and a higher salary. It is easier than you think!

We have done our best to make Yepstr safe, simple and fair for you. Therefore, we require all of our users to register with BankID or an equivalent tool. You will get a fair salary based on the union’s recommendations for summer jobs. Hard work should pay off!

PS! You need to be between 15-21 to apply for jobs through Yepstr.

"I charge through Yepstr to make sure that the money reaches my account and that I am insured. I also like the concept that I build my resume while working!"

Tea S., 15 years


"I am a Yepstr ambassador because I think it is important to get a chance to prove yourself."

Ludvig P., 18 years

"I was looking for a job in a shop the whole spring without getting one since there is a high demand for those jobs and many shops have an age limit of 18. Then I found Yepstr and now my Yepstr resume has helped me to get a job in a shop!"

Estelle W., 17 years


Tea, Emil and Carl-Gustav on their experiences at Yepstr

In just a few clicks you will find help from driven young people in your own neighborhood!

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Yepstr is Sweden’s biggest community for typical teenage jobs - safe, simple and fair!

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