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Expanding outside of Sweden in 2017

Why Yepstr?

Yepstr is a gamified app-based marketplace for neighborhood teenage-type tasks (garden-work, dog-minding and babysitting).

In addition to pocket money, our ambitious Yeps (Young Entrepreneurs) build a resume with references and climb levels that grant access to benefits: higher hourly rates, jobs for companies and career-oriented events.

We have succeeded when it is a norm for youths to leave high school with practical work experience, a resume filled with references from employers, a mentor to guide you and basic business knowledge.

1 Create account

Download the app (or use yepstr via our website) and create an account.

2 Post task

Post your first task, showing our Yeps how they can help you. If you need help with babysitting, dog-minding or tutoring we suggest posting an interview task so you can meet different Yeps before deciding.

3 Select Yep

You will receive replies from ambitious youths in your neighbourhood, assign the task (or interview) to the one(s) you find most suitable!

4 Chat about details

Easily communicate with your contacts in the app. Everything is gathered in one place!

5 Pay with a click

After the task is done you will receive an invoice that you can easily pay with a click. Please also take a moment and leave a review to help build the Yeps resume!


About us

We are a passionate team who have all left nice, high-paying jobs to build something we believe will make the world better.

We believe we have built a unique culture at Yepstr.

Working for Yepstr means working for a low salary - but in return you will be working with the most interesting and dedicated people you have ever met - solving a real problem that could change society forever.

If Yepstr succeeds we all succeed:

  • Through our option program all permanent, full-time team-members are offered ownership in our business. But with ownership comes responsibility, and so we look for people who behave like owners from day one.
  • We have 10 common goals to having “the most awesome jobs in the world” - when we succeed we celebrate together and reward ourselves (with increased salaries across the board, additional options and other awesome stuff), when we don’t then we cry and regroup together.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Yepstr team at this early stage then please send an email with your resume and cover letter to

Currently we are looking for:

Stockholm, Sweden

  • Fullstack developers
  • Product owner

New countries

  • CEO / Regional Director
  • Community Manager
"Vendela did a good job! The children were very happy and the process felt safe. We will continue to book her through the app."
Jenny Margareta Uggla

Jenny Margareta Uggla


"It feels great to get help walking my dogs. It would be very time consuming for me to do it since I don''t have the strength to go out with both of them. However, the kids have lots of energy and it feels good to be able to support them with a little extra pocket money!"
Jan Jevring

Jan Jevring

Pets and animals

"It''s great to be in high school and build your CV while making money. Now I babysit and walk dogs three times a week and would have never been able to find these opportunities by myself."
Sofia P

Sofia P, 17 y.o.