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Because there are plenty of fantastic teenagers in your neighbourhood who can help with simple tasks at home, like babysitting or car washing. And because we are passionate about giving these teenagers a first job.
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When we left our secure employments, it was with a fairly simple vision. We wanted to make success less dependent on where you're from and more dependent on your inner drive.

Yepstr gives teenager the chance to earn money, build their resumé, gain references, and make the first leap into work-life. Already in 2015, we set our goal to be Sweden's largest job creator for teenagers by 2020, the world's largest before 2025, and to have helped 100 million teenagers get their first job by 2030. Today, we're Sweden's second-largest job creator for young people. Even if we haven't yet brought home the victory, it's proof of how far you can go by setting ambitious goals!

We have succeeded when it becomes the norm to leave school with a resumé filled with experiences and references from Yepstr.

Jacob Rudbäck

CEO and founder of Yepstr

“Hur är det möjligt att min pappa inte kan hitta hjälp när det finns så många ambitiösa ungdomar precis över gatan” var frågan som startade allt för Jacob Rudbäck...

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Jacob Rudbäck, VD och grundare av Yepstr

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