Gardening to-do's in July


Now the summer is here for real, and many have probably already gone on a highly deserved vacation. Maybe you go on a sun holiday, on a hiking trip or finally get to spend some time gardening. We go through what can be done in the garden in July.. The heyday is now coming, and that with notice. Now you want to spend time outdoors. Go and swim or take a dip in the garden. If there is ever a time for gardening, it is actually now.Harvest the flowers, spices and vegetables you sowed this spring, and at the same time take the opportunity to sow new ones. Radishes, herbs, lettuce, carrots and cabbages are all grateful crops that grow quickly. Just make sure to keep the seed moist. Continue to continuously clear weeds, this way your plants stay happy and avoid sharing fluid and nutrients unnecessarily.If you go away for a few weeks, you can hire garden help via Yepstr. But more on that further down.More gardening:How to make the garden spring beautiful

Harvest spices

It is high time to harvest your fine herbs. The spice plant also becomes denser and gets a finer shape when you prune it a little. Perfect for summer dinner or barbecue evening - fresh basil for capers, sage for pasta or thyme for marinade. Eat immediately, give as a gift or freeze before the autumn.Another tip is to bring the spices into the house as decoration. Some sprigs of mint in a vase of water last a while, and are both beautiful and fragrant.[caption id="attachment_2809" align="alignnone" width="300"]

Trädgården stockholm

Beautiful garden with garden help via Yepstr[/caption]

Water, water, water

The high summer heat easily causes a lot of drought. So do not forget to keep flower beds and lawns moist. Flowers and plants prefer even watering to feel good and your vegetables easily get a dull taste if the soil in the garden has been too dry.The same applies to the potted plants, which can advantageously receive regular watering. A tip is to place the pots in the bath or shower to rinse them off properly.

Smart, fast vegetables

Maybe you have already harvested your first batch of radish, arugula and pak choi? Then it's time to sow a new batch of these smart and witty vegetables. Complement with a little romaine lettuce or maybe dill - the Swedish summer's tastiest herb. If you are really lucky and sow evenly, you will have wonderfully fresh vegetables all summer, and a bit into the fall.A tip is to also sow your vegetables, flowers and herbs in pots. That way, you have a ready-made plant to plant when there is a gap in the garden land.Keep the soil thoroughly moist and the vegetables will be soft and tasty. What a luxury!Read more about everything that belongs to the garden, here!

Own Tomatoes In the garden

Sun-fresh tomatoes can be the best there is. If you are hot this summer, or a good greenhouse to plant, you can get home-grown tomatoes for the breakfast sandwich.Be sure to top off the plant and pinch off the thief shoots. These are small leaves that usually appear between the stem and branch of the tomato plant. Just like with weeds, these twigs only nourish your fine plants. Giving fruit takes energy, so let the plants focus on giving them nourishment and power. Water often and a lot, and feel free to add extra plant nutrients.

Other tips

Another tip is to save on grass clippings. So when you get the lawn mowed and raked, save the leftover grass. You place this in the flower beds between your plants to nourish and retain moisture in the soil longer.Keep an eye on the weeds. During the summer, the weeds like to seed. So be sure to take a few turns during the summer, and clean off thoroughly.[caption id="attachment_830" align="alignnone" width="1952"]

No time to spend in the garden, give a garden job to a youth instead![/caption]Hire garden helpMaybe you are not at all interested in gardening, but still want to enjoy a beautiful garden. Of course you should be able to do that.Via Yepstr, you get in touch with young people nearby who are happy to assist with garden help. Inspired by our tips and place an ad in the app for what needs to be done in your particular garden. You will soon receive answers from some of Sweden's most enterprising young people.Many people get help from young people via Yepstr when they themselves are in the summer cottage or on a sun holiday for a few weeks in July. The young people keep an eye on the garden, make sure that the flower beds are watered and that the weeds stay away. Go with the neighbor, so maybe together you can give a youth in the area a proper summer assignment.Good luck!Get started with Yepstr today:Hire garden help

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