Children's films - our favorites for children from 7 years


There are times when a good movie can get even the angriest, saddest or sickest child in a better mood. But it's not always that easy to find that movie. The range is huge, not only of movies but also of streaming services
 Have you also been stuck in the jungle of children's movies? It is quiet. Namely, we have collected some of the most popular films for children from 7 years, and which we believe that even you as a parent can appreciate watching. You will find them all in the list below, and it also says where you will find them. So you can spend time other than looking for movies. You are welcome!If you are looking for tips on good children's films for younger children, you will find a list of the most popular films for the very youngest here!

Animated children's films - 6 super tips from now & then

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Moana is a Disney movie that came out in 2016 and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Movie. If you are looking for a real adventure movie, this is the movie for you! It is about the strong-willed and fearless girl Moana who is the daughter of the chief of a Polynesian tribe in Oceania. Moana has been chosen by the sea itself for a very special and important mission, and she therefore embarks on an exciting sailing to say the least.You will find the film for rent or purchase Viaplay and SF Anytime. Dn is included in the range of Disney+.[caption id="attachment_2514" align="alignnone" width="494"]

Elsa i Frost - barnfilmer

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You should not have missed Disney's hit on Elsa - the princess with long blonde hair and magical powers. The first film came in 2013 and won not only the hearts of all children but also the Oscar for best animated film and best song. Frozen is about Elsa, a girl with magical powers that means she can make it snow, and turn things into ice. Everything is peace and joy until Elsa one day happens to hurt her sister Anna with her powers and after that nothing is the same.Frozen you can rent or buy Viaplay and SF Anytime. It is included in the range of Disney+.In 2019 came the film's sequel Frost 2 and also made it a success. You will find it in the same places as the first one...[caption id="attachment_2515" align="alignnone" width="600"]

Upp - barnfilmer

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One of Pixar's animated children's films, which admittedly has a couple of years on its neck, but whose popularity never seems to wane. The film is about the retired balloon salesman Carl who decides to fulfill his dream of a real adventure at high altitude. With him comes a young free passenger, and together they are involved in a lot of fun on the road.The film has been praised in several places and won two Oscars - one for best animated film and one for best film music when it came out in 2009.You can find it for rent or buy Viaplay and SF Anytime. It is included in the range of Disney+.[caption id="attachment_2524" align="alignnone" width="590"]

Happy Feet - barnfilmer

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Happy Feet

Happy Feet is a real mood enhancer that came out in 2006 and was awarded an Oscar for best animated film. The film is about the penguin Mummel who has a big problem - he can not sing, which all emperor penguins must know to find a life partner. Everyone is worried about Mummel, but they soon realize that they do not have to, because he has completely different talents
Happy Feet is included in the offer at Netflix. You will also find it for rent or purchase Viaplay and SF Anytime.[caption id="attachment_2516" align="alignnone" width="666"]


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Madagascar is a family comedy made by Dreamworks and premiered in 2005. It became popular to say the least and got quite immediately both one and two sequels. The film is about a group of friends consisting of a lion, a zebra, a giraffe and a hippopotamus. They have all lived their whole lives in a zoo in New York and have been happy with it, until the day they hear that the penguins intend to escape. It will be a fast-paced adventure with both song, dance and food for thought.The film is included in the offer at C More, Netflix and Viaplay. You can also rent or buy it at SF Anytime,[caption id="attachment_2525" align="alignnone" width="670"]

Hitta Nemo

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Finding Nemo

That little orange fish looking for his dad, surely you've heard of it? Thought so. The movie Finding Nemo is not only popular, it is also very good. Sure, it did not come out yesterday, but what does it do when it's already a classic? The film is made by Disney Pixar, and is about the little clownfish Nemo who gets away from his dad and is involved in all sorts of fun and scares on his adventurous journey to find him.The film won an Oscar for best animated film when it came out in 2003.You can find Nemo to rent or buy SF Anytime, Viaplay and Disney+.

Feature Films

Animated in all its glory, but sometimes it can be fun to watch a "real" movie. Here you will find some mixed tips on feature films.[caption id="attachment_2517" align="alignnone" width="1024"]

Sunes sommar - barnfilmer

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The movies about Sun

The first film about Sune, Sune's Summer, came out in 1993 and was a huge success. It's about Sune and his family's caravan holiday. They were actually supposed to go to Greece, but it was too expensive so it had to be a camping trip instead. Love worries are mixed with clichés by Sune's father Rudolf, and create a laughable comedy for the whole family.Since then, there have been 5 more children's films about Sune - Sune in Greece (2012), Sune on a car holiday (2013), Sune in the mountains (2014), and now the latest films Sune vs. Sune (2018) and Sune - Best Man.The classic Sune's summer is included in the range at C More, and on Netflix you will find Sune in Greece, Sune on a car holiday and Sune in the mountains.On Viaplay and SF Anytime you can rent or buy all Sune movies.[caption id="attachment_2489" align="alignnone" width="700"]

Astrid Lindgrens karaktÀrer

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Astrid Lindgren's children's classic

You can not compile a list of children's films without including Astrid Lindgren's classic stories. The first book about Pippi Longstocking came in 1944 and was the first out of a long list of books about fun, exciting and different characters written by Astrid Lindgren. The stories have been filmed in both serial format and feature films, and in recent years there have also been animated film versions.That Pippi is immensely popular with children is probably not something you missed, but maybe you have forgotten Emil, Tjorven, Madicken, Ronja and that funny guy with a propeller on his back? They too have a lot of fun and games and are usually appreciated by children of all ages.On SVT Play you will find the old recordings (half-hour clip) by Pippi, Vi pÄ SaltkrÄkan and Madicken completely free.C More and SF Anytimehas both clips and movies of pretty much all of Astrid Lindgren's stories that you can rent or buy. There you will find not only the original recordings but also the animated versions.You can also find some of the films Viaplay and Google Play. On our blog we have collected a lot of texts that have to do with children. You can read more about, among other things CPR for children, get tips on which ones chairs which is best for the very youngest, and which bath toys the children like best.You will also find more information about adhd and autism, and advice on what to do if your child suffers eye inflammation, constipation or chicken pox.

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