Children's films - the best for the very youngest


It is not always easy to know where to look when looking for good children's movies. Right? It's full of streaming services and yes, it's a bit of a jungle. To make things easier for you, we have therefore made a list of the most popular children's films for the very youngest - from the newest to the slightly more classic.Are you looking for movies for slightly older children? You will find that list here!

Children's films for young children - good or bad?

This with screen time is an ongoing debate. Some say that children under the age of 2 should not have any time in front of screens at all, while others say that the most important thing is not the time in front of the screen but what it is actually that the child is watching. More information about small children and screen time can be found at 1177 as well as on course, a child should not spend too long sitting still in front of a TV, computer or tablet - that is not why we want to recommend good children's films. We want to recommend the best clips and movies so that you as a parent can feel calm and know that your child is watching something good and sometimes even developing during those moments. Because it is not reasonable to keep a child completely away from screens today. What we can ensure, however, is to choose good and educational programs.

The best animated children's films for the very youngest

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babblarna - barnfilmer

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Excessively popular with the very youngest children are the Babblers. It is a colorful bunch of figures in various forms who sing and dance, and who were created with the aim of promoting children's language development. They are often used as educational material - they are not only fun for children to watch, they are developing as well. Good, is not it? You can read more about authors and the pedagogical angle here.Where do you find the Babblers then? Well, there are both the movie and mixed clips for free on Youtube and SVT Play.Clips and movies are also available at SF Kids, Viaplay, C More and Streamly.[caption id="attachment_2506" align="alignnone" width="1500"]

greta gris - barnfilmer

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Peppa Pig

Another popular character is Greta Gris, or Peppa Pig as she is called in the original language. Just as it sounds, it's about a pig named Greta and her adventures with her mother, father and little brother. There is no deeper pedagogical purpose, but it is undoubted that the youngest children appreciate it.Peppa Pig can be found for free Youtube and SVT Play, and if you have an account SF Kids, Viaplay, Netflix or HBO.[caption id="attachment_2507" align="alignnone" width="1920"]

Daniel tiger - barnfilmer

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Daniel Tigers Kvarter

A slightly more exotic animal that your child would probably appreciate visiting is Daniel Tiger. It is an initially American-Canadian initiative with the aim of teaching children how to deal with different everyday situations. It can be anything from learning to share, to how it goes when you get a syringe from the doctor.On Youtube and SVT Play you will find the clips for free. You will also find the kind little tiger on Netflix.

alfons åberg

Alfons Åberg

One of our Swedish classics is Alfons Åberg, which from the beginning was only available in books, written and illustrated by Gunilla Bergström. The first book was published in 1972 and only a couple of years later came the animated television series. Alfons lives alone with his father and the story depicts their everyday life - calm, cozy and reasonably mischievous.On SVT Play and Youtube you will find 10-minute clips for free. If you are looking for a little longer clips, you will find it for rent or purchase SF Anytime.2013 came the first feature film, Hokus Pokus Alfons Åberg - you can find it Netflix, Viaplay, SF Anytime.[caption id="attachment_2494" align="alignnone" width="1350"]

Pettson och Findus - barnfilmer

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Pettson & Findus

There is an old man and a talking cat who also usually go home to the younger children. That's right - Pettson and Findus. The thoughtful and resourceful Pettson lives out in the country with his mischievous and talkative cat Findus, and together they invent a lot of useful, and less useful stuff, camp and go on various adventures.Just like with Alfons, everything started as a book series written and drawn by Sven Nordqvist and published in the 80s. Since then, they have not only become animated episodes but as many as seven children's films about the old man and the cat. And the characters are at least as popular now as when the books first came out.You can find the shorter clips about Pettson and Findus for free SVT Play.The feature films are available C More, SF Anytime and Netflix.



On SVT Play, you will find a number of mixed clips from Bolibompa, SVT's children's program. There are both animated and host-led clips. Surely you know the Bolibompa dragon? It has been around since 1987, and invites to all sorts of different adventures, songs and dances. There are fun activities for kids of all ages. Bolibompa Baby is aimed at the very youngest children.You can find Bolibompa for free SVT Play or on Barnkanalen.[caption id="attachment_2490" align="alignnone" width="1440"]

Astrid Lindgrens karaktärer

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Astrid Lindgren's children's classic

You can not compile a list of children's films without including Astrid Lindgren's classic stories. The first book about Pippi Longstocking came in 1944 and was the first out of a long list of books about fun, exciting and different characters written by Astrid Lindgren. The stories have been filmed in both serial format and feature films, and in recent years there have also been animated film versions.That Pippi is immensely popular with children is probably not something you missed, but maybe you have forgotten Emil, Tjorven, Madicken, Ronja and that funny guy with a propeller on his back? They also have a lot of fun and entertainment and are usually appreciated by children from 2 years.On SVT Play you will find the old recordings (half-hour clips) by Pippi, Vi på Saltkråkan and Madicken for free....C More and SF Anytime has both clips and movies of pretty much all of Astrid Lindgren's stories that you can rent or buy. There you will find not only the original recordings but also the animated versions.You can also find some of the films Viaplay and Google Play.On our blog we have collected a lot of texts that have to do with children. You can read more about, among other things CPR for children, get tips on which ones chairs which is best for the very youngest, and which badleksaker the children like best.You will also find more information about adhd and autism, and advice on what you can do if your child suffers eye inflammation, constipation or chicken pox.

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