Eye inflammation in children - you need to be aware of this


That your child may suffer from an eye inflammation is not something you need to worry about. This is because it is quite common in children and often goes away on its own within five days. But there are things that are good to know to facilitate the healing process and reduce the risk of it spreading further. We have read the information at 1177, Doktor.se and Kry, and talked to a pediatric nurse, to be able to give you answers to the most important questions.

How to get eye inflammation?

Eye inflammation is caused by an infection in the eye that has been caused by a virus or bacteria. This often happens in connection with a cold, but for small children it is also common for them to be infected by another child as they play closely and the disease spreads easily via hands. You can also become inflamed in the eye by injuring yourself or getting debris in the eye, or in response to an allergic reaction.The inflammation itself is the body's way of defending itself, strange as it may sound. And it is a transparent mucous membrane - which covers the inside of the eyelid and the whites of the eyes - which becomes inflamed and which can cause the whites of the eyes to get a red / pinkish color.You can get eye inflammation in one or both of your eyes. It is quite common for the inflammation to start in one eye and then spread to the other.

Common symptoms:

  • Red eyes
  • Burning or itching
  • Swelling
  • A burning sensation
  • Where that makes the eyes stick again
  • That the eyes tear and run
Flicka ont i ögat - ögoninflammation hos barn

What to do?

Sometimes a sticky liquid can appear in the eye, better known as was. If your child has it - feel free to wash it off from time to time with soft paper or a cotton ball that you have moistened with lukewarm water.If the eyes have stuck together, for example when the child has slept, you can take a wet cotton ball or compressor and cover the eye. In this way, you help the item to dissolve and can then wipe it off with a little paper.

Can the child go to preschool despite an eye infection?

In some cases: yes, in other cases: no. The disease is contagious and to reduce the risk of several children becoming ill, it depends entirely on your child's condition.If most of the inflammation has healed and the eye no longer lasts - then it's okay for your child to return to preschool. Your child also does not have to stay home when the eye is just a little red and sticky in the morning but not the rest of the day. Provided that the child is alert and otherwise well, of course.

ögoninflammation hos barn

What can I do to prevent the infection from spreading to family and friends?

Hygiene is A and O. Unfortunately, the disease spreads quite easily and in a similar way as a cold. According to Betty Ask, Pediatric Nurse, there are some things that are important to keep in mind.

  • Wash your baby's hands often
  • Let the child have their own towel that is changed often or use disposable handkerchiefs
  • Make sure that the child does not share pillowcases with others and wash it often
  • If possible: clean children's favorite toys and throw the pacifier blanket in the washing machine from time to time

When is it time to seek care?

According to 1177, you should seek care if the inflammation has not passed within five days. This is true even if the inflammation is very strong and large amounts are formed each. Sometimes an antibiotic regimen may be needed to get rid of eye inflammation. And then it is good to know that after two days, your child is no longer infected and is welcome back to preschool or school. If her general condition is good that is.Important! Seek medical attention immediately if you think the eye is damaged or if the child has suddenly become sensitive to light.

ögoninflammation hos barn

Where do I seek care?

First of all: if you are unsure whether your child actually needs to go to a health center or get an appointment via an app, it is always a good idea to call 1177 first. There you will receive advice from a nurse and information on where to turn if your child needs to see an IRL.Another option is to contact a health center directly. If it should be closed or if your child can not get any free time there, you should turn to an emergency room or emergency room.If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay at home with your child offers 1177 the care guide as well as several apps such as Kry, Min Doktor and Doktor.se video call with a nurse or doctor. Just remember that your child must be present at the meeting in order for the medical staff to be able to assess her condition. Are you babbling? Best tips on what you can do with your childDo not make the days at home a single long wait to get well for your child. With a little energy and creativity, you can turn the hospital into a party. Not really maybe, but almost. Children with eye inflammation rarely stay in bed and therefore like to participate in fun activities.Our five favorites (the full list of suggested games can be found) here!)

  1. Bake. Obvious favorite when you have to stay at home. Let your child decide what and let him participate as much as possible in the process and you will then have a very proud baker.
  2. Open a home spa. Pour up a warm foot bath (or bath?), Paint your nails, wrap each other and listen to cozy music.
  3. Turn the living room into a movie theater. Movie tickets, popcorn and drinks - everything you need to make the movie a little more fun.
  4. Play with troll dough. An old classic! You will find recipes here.
  5. Introduce the taste game. Pick out some fruit and exciting flavors from the fridge and pantry. Then let your child taste while he closes his eyes and guess what it is. Guaranteed fun!

PS! If you are interested in reading about another very common childhood disease, namely chickenpox, how to find it here. Here you can also find more information about some of the others childhood diseases.

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