Hourly rate for babysitting? What does childcare cost?


What exactly is a reasonable hourly rate for a babysitter and what do you pay for?

Not only can it be difficult to know how to find babysister,you should then know how much it is reasonable to pay the babysitter. If you find a babysitter through one of the babysitting agencies, most of them do the work for you. They have fixed hourly rates that you as a customer can not influence. But there are also childcare services that allow you to decide the hourly wage yourself together with the babysitter. And maybe there is a neighbor or acquaintance who will look after your child, and then what is "right" to pay?Regardless of whether the responsibility for determining the hourly rate lies with you or not, it can be interesting to know what it is you are paying for. And if you yourself have to agree on compensation, it may be nice to have some idea of ​​what is reasonable and how to think.

Off-price for babysitting via babysitting intermediary

The hourly price for a babysitter that you find via one of the country's largest babysitter brokers is SEK 258 - SEK 390 / hour, or SEK 129 - SEK 195 / hour with RUT. The price varies depending on how many hours you commit to, what arrangement you want, and where you live. Most of them also take into account the babysitter's age and childcare experience when setting prices.The babysitting agencies that allow you as a customer to decide the hourly rate yourself together with the babysitter advocate a salary that is in accordance with the union's recommendations, from SEK 80 / hour.Eager to get a babysitter?Here you will find a comparison of some of the country's largest babysitting agencies.

An experienced babysitter costs more

A babysitter with long experience of childcare is often at a higher hourly rate. However, caring for younger siblings and family members may not be seen as a "professional" experience, but should be assignments outside the family. The age of the babysitter is also a factor. Most babysitting agencies have a higher hourly wage for babysitters over 18 years of age.

More children = higher hourly rate for babysitting

Should the babysitter look after one or more children? This should reasonably affect what the babysitter receives in salary. Some of the babysitting agencies take this into account, others do not.If you decide the hourly wage yourself with the babysitter, a good and reasonable rule of thumb can be to add SEK 10 / hour per child. So if the babysitter receives SEK 100 / hour to look after a child, it will be SEK 110 / hour for two children and SEK 120 / hour if the babysitter looks after three children at the same time.

The times for childcare affect the price

Should the babysitter come in the evening or during the day? Will the baby mostly be awake or asleep? There seem to be slightly different opinions about whether the babysitter should be paid more or less if they work evening / night. Some people find that work becomes easier during these times because the child sleeps then, while others think that it feels reasonable to pay more because it is inconvenient working hours. This is simply something you have to decide for yourself, and agree on together with the babysitter. Should the babysitter look after your child on New Year's Eve or a similar occasion? Yes, then it can be a good idea to agree on a special hourly rate.Some of the babysitting agencies have Ob supplements in the evening and on major holidays / holidays, others make no price difference at all.

Reasonable and fair for the babysitter

If you now choose to find a babysitter via one of the babysitting agencies that have fixed prices, you will now hopefully have a little better idea of ​​why the prices look the way they do. And if you yourself agree on an hourly wage together with the babysitter, you have hopefully got a little better idea of ​​what you should weigh in to arrive at a reasonable and fair wage.Which babysitting service is best? Here you have a comparison of the country's largest.

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