How to conduct a good babysitter interview?


How to conduct a good babysitter interview?

It is not entirely easy to conduct interviews - let alone a babysitter interview when it is usually about a teenager!But it is still a very important interview, because you are still considering leaving the person with the best you have.[caption id="attachment_243" align="alignnone" width="700"]

Babysitter Interview to find the family's best friend

Babysitter - the family's best friend[/caption]On Yepstr, we recommend parents to search for five properties. If you manage to hit everyone right, the chances are high that you have found the perfect babysitter. The babysitter you can trust in the rain! Here is our list!

MOST IMPORTANT - THAT the babysitter actually LIKES CHILDREN

If you succeed in finding a babysitter who really likes children, most situations usually resolve themselves. They naturally become a little more engaged and caring. It kind of gets a little easier to stay a little longer and invent new fun activities to name two examples. But also keep in mind that there is also personal chemistry among babysitters and children - a babysitter may be perfect for you but may not work as well with your neighbor's children at all!


During the interview, look for indications that the babysitter is sensitive, e.g. by showing interest and asking counter-questions. Then you usually also have a good sense of security!Also take the opportunity to ask a little about common dangers in the home for children to get some general thoughts. What you are looking for is a babysitter who can come across a number of different dangers such as heights, small pieces (for toddlers), hot plates, sharp things, electricity, etc. Several babysitters have today taken courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which can be helpful if the accident is here! If the babysitter lacks this, you can always ask them to take such a course and offer you to cover the cost (it is usually about 3-500 SEK).

Fun to deal with!

Everything becomes much easier with a little humor - poop diapers, stressed parents, crying kids. During the interview, try to find out if the young person has a twinkle in their eye. The best thing is if you can all have fun together! After all, it should be fun to have children :)


Schedules for families with children often change almost every quarter. Therefore, it is often extremely important that the babysitter can be flexible and adapt to the family's needs
 or that you have a list of many good alternative babysitters!


Of course, it is always good if the babysitter can show previous experience in childcare. But! Experiences from other assignments can also be enormously valuable. Homework help is a clear example, but really all completed jobs and assignments are good signs that the babysitter can take responsibility and know how important it is to show up on time and report well in advance if you feel unwell.

The last tip - the parents

Finally - if you want to be extra confident - ask the babysitter to bring a parent to the interview! Meeting the babysitter's parents often says a lot about more than what the young people have for values ​​and work ethic.There are many other good resources online with information on what to expect from a babysitter. For example, has tips on 18 qualities you should look for in a good babysitter!Good luck with the babysitter search and hope you feel ready for the online babysitter interview!Team Yepstr

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