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Jiahe, 24 år

Solna, Stockholms län, Sverige
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Hi, everyone! I’m Jiahe, and I’m currently a student at Karolinska. I have a true passion for taking care of animals and have gained considerable experience in pet care. In fact, I have a delightful 3-year-old cat who’s become an inseparable part of my family. Additionally, I absolutely adore looking after babies, as their innocent and joyful presence brings me so much happiness. I’m fluent in both English and Chinese and I would like to teach people who enjoy learning them! When I am not studying or taking care of my furry friend, you will often find me engaging in activities that bring me closer to nature, such as gardening. It’s a wonderful way for me to unwind and appreciate the beauty around me. I’m excited to meet new people and contribute my skills to make a positive impact! Please feel free to reach out to me; I’m here to help and eager to connect!

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