5 insights about children's screen time


Being constantly connected and reachable is a source of great stress for many people. But of course, the screen can also be a simple and entertaining pastime - even for the little ones. How should one really think when it comes to children's screen time?We have probably never been so blasé, and at the same time so worried, about our screen use as we are today. How do screens, internet and connectivity really affect our children? Since smartphones and wireless internet came into the picture, the issue of children's screen use has become an increasingly hot potato.Research within screen time is relatively new. Therefore, there is no conclusive scientific evidence on the long-term effects of screen time on children. Still, there is a lot to say on the subject, we list 5 insights about children's screen time.

1. It's about balance

Enough because you can not know for sure what effect screen time has on children in the long run. But the use of screens definitely entails risks, says brain researcher Katarina Gospic. Among other things, the time in front of the screen affects our mental health and makes us distanced and empathetically blunted.Gospic believes, however, that it is about balance. It is not the case that we should abandon technology altogether, rather that we should try to return to the phone's original function. Read a text message, call your family and check the weather - but try not to get caught up in other apps.Apps, children's programs, TV and Youtube are not directly harmful to children. It's more about what surfing takes time away from, such as creativity, physical activity and human contact.

2. Nothing replaces the call

Fewer calls at home and increased screen time are of course related. Research shows that children's language, creativity and learning are affected by screen time. Language learning does not benefit in the same way when you are spoken to through a screen, as when you are spoken to. Only then do you learn to answer, discuss and reflect.There are a plethora of great educational apps with learning in focus, but there is nothing that drives creativity and imagination as much as boredom. When you are bored, anything can become a toy or an adventure. It is becoming increasingly difficult to focus, something that is not very good for learning either. Furthermore, we probably all suffer from the so-called google effect - with all the answers a push of a button away, we become worse at making an effort to arrive at a result.[caption id="attachment_1208" align="alignnone" width="1650"]

Barnvakt pÄ timme

Educational apps in all glory, but nothing beats the conversation.[/caption]

3. Children do as we do, not as we say

It is clear that our own fiddling with the phone is contagious to our children. Sweden is one of the countries where children spend the most time in front of screens. But if we continue to sit glued to the cell phone, then why should our children stop.According to Rullavagn.se 4 out of 10 children experience that their parents are too busy, partly with jobs, important emails and other necessities. But a lot of free time is also spent sitting with a telephone or a toad. Children imitate and learn from our facial expressions, body language and facial expressions. They see when we sit passive and expressionless in front of the screen - with poorer cognitive and emotional development and connection as a result.Here you can read more about stress and stress managementOur screen time is probably far worse than the children's, so it's clear that change must start with us. Something that takes us on to the next insight. 10 reasons to get a babysitter this fall

4. It takes 3 weeks to create a habit.

There are divided opinions about how long it actually takes to create a habit. If it's 3 weeks or one yeÄr seems to vary - the point is that it can be difficult to create, or end, a habit. But if your family has decided to reduce your screen time, there are several tricks to try.

Buy a real alarm clock

Back to basics, get an old fashioned alarm clock. When we use the mobile phone's alarm function, each day will begin, and end, with scrolling on social media. With an alarm clock, you can let the phone rest far from the bed, preferably in another room. Try putting the phone on charge in the kitchen at 22, activate the 'do not disturb' function even then and you will have time to unwind mobile-free before bedtime.

Disable notifications

No wonder it's hard to concentrate when the phone rings too small. Job emails, text messages, likes on social media and tinder matches are constantly attracting attention. The answer is of course simple, turn off the notices. You do not have to control and react at once.

Screen-free time

We pick up the phone and start scrolling as soon as we get a little bored, when we wait for the bus or for the washing machine to finish. Sometimes it goes forward almost without you noticing what you are doing. Do you recognize yourself? We become more lust-driven, and more easily bored. We simply have to practice our endurance - both big and small. Take advantage of the phone's function for screen-free time, then you can lock selected apps between certain times or after a certain time.There are several functions and apps that measure our screen time and how often we pick up the phone. It's scary data, but it can be fun to follow if screen time decreases according to your efforts. Agree in the family what rules apply, some examples:

  • Do not check the phone, or at least not social media until 9 o'clock.
  • Try to only look at the phone when the baby is sleeping during the day. Put the phone away from the time you get home until you spend the night on the evening twig.
  • No phones when you eat.

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How should one really think about children's screen time?[/caption]

5. Everyone must be on the train

Everyone can probably feel good about reducing their screen time. In addition, as an adult you want to set a good example. Make sure the whole family, including your babysitter, is involved in your new routines.Are you looking for a babysitter or homework help? Read more here.In conclusion, we would like to mention that what suits you and your children may not suit other families. There is no definite right and wrong when it comes to screen time. But we can probably all sign that we spend too much time in front of the screen, we hope that this article can serve as inspiration for change.New with us on Yepstr, read more here

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