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The missions have been only a few blocks away. Babysitter Niko Erfani, 18, thinks she has the world's best extra job.- It is very cozy to take care of children, and luxurious to be able to do it so close to my home.Niko Erfani, like so many other young people, was looking for an extra job alongside her studies. But it is difficult if you are 16 years old and have not entered the labor market and have a CV.- Almost everyone I contacted said that you must be 18 years old, she says. I was open to everything, but the doors were closed. All doors except one.The open door was Yepstr, which Niko googled in his search for a job.- I signed up and I remember that my first job was to clean an apartment. But then I got into babysitting and it has been so much fun that I have just continued.Download Yepstr and find a babysitter

Over the years, Niko has helped a dozen families put together the tough life puzzle, with pick-up at preschool, story reading, snacks, night - and diaper changes.- Yes, changing a diaper was not something I was a specialist in in the beginning, but you learn quickly. I have a very cozy extra job, I think.

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Hitta en trygg barnvakt i nÀrheten

How do I find a babysitter? Yepstr of course![/caption]

Walking distance to work. How can she be so lucky?

- It's not lucky. The Yepstr app works so that I can see where the clients live and I simply choose assignments that are close to my home.- The assignment that was furthest away, I went to two more metro stations. It is I who have the privilege of saying yes or no to work when I went to an interview and got in touch. And when there has been a lot of study, I have taken the books to "work" and be able to read when the children have fallen asleep.Niko plans to start at the university in two years, and is guaranteed to continue taking assignments via Yepstr until then.- But who knows, maybe I will work even after that. This is so much fun.Yepstr helps you with the everyday puzzle. Read more about stress management here.Jacob RudbÀck is the CEO and founder of Yepstr and smiles when he hears about babysitter Niko's happy time: [caption id="attachment_754" align="alignright" width="270"]

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Jacob RudbÀck[/caption]- It is fantastic to have given so many nice young people the chance to try out professional life and make money. And they make a big effort for all families with children who do not really get together everyday.- Niko's contribution shows the whole Yepstr's basic idea - to help neighbors help each other. Safe, easy and fair, instead of insecure and black money.Download Yepstr - find a babysitter from SEK 90 per hour

PS. What jobs do we offer?

Via the app, the young people can take on all sorts of assignments that are posted in their immediate area. As a customer, you can place ads about most things you may need help with at home. It can be anything from babysitting, , gardening, homework help to party help. Below you will find information about how the app works.This is how Yepstr works for you as a customer

  1. Create an ad on Yepstr (it does not take more than 3 minutes) and we will send it out to babysitters in your area.
  2. Feel free to add a couple of times when you can meet babysitters for interviews. It is not uncommon to ask the babysitter to bring one of their parents to the interview. Feel free to let the children play a little with the babysitter so you can see them having fun together!
  3. When you have found one (or a couple) good matches, you book and pay directly in the app.

This is how Yepstr works for you as a customer

  1. Download the App and get an account. Once you have done that, you can see all the assignments that are laid out within 5-7 km in your immediate area.
  2. The assignments vary and can be anything from babysitting, homework help, moving help and dog sitting.Once you have found an assignment that suits you, just search and wait to either be called for an interview, or be booked immediately.
  3. Have you been booked? Congratulations! Feedback to the customer in the chat and agree on all important details, such as time, date and address.
  4. When the assignment is completed, the customer will pay in the app, and the money lands in the account within a week.
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