Babysitting or homework help via video - does it work?


Babysitting and homework help are of course jobs that are performed in the same place as the child you take care of or help with the multiplication table. Or…? Maybe it does not have to be that way?

One of those who tested homework help via video is Sara Granath from Stockholm. Or rather her son Mateo.- In Corona times, we are of course extra careful, and since mine was a bit snooty, I did not want to expose the homework help to any risk. So I suggested that they test via video instead, just as I myself have most meetings at work right now. And it worked really well both me and my son think.Mateo is 14 years old and the person who helps him with his homework is Benjamin Ahlin from Vällingby, 18 years old.- I have worked as a homework helper for 1 year now, and this was the first time I did it via computer. It worked better than I thought from the beginning, but I still do not think you drive via video the first time. I think you have to meet "for real" first.Different subjects- We work mostly with math, says Benjamin. And of course you can do that almost as well via video, as when you are seen physically. But sometimes we also run other subjects. I think it's really fun to be able to help, and see that what I do actually gives results.

This is how homework help works via Yepstr

Does digital homework help involve any problems you did not expect?- No, not at all actually. I think it worked just as well as if we were sitting in the same room. As a complement, I think it works well, but I would not like to drive digitally every time, I think it's more fun to be seen for real.The Corona pandemic has, for natural reasons, slowed down or completely stopped certain activities. Schools are closed, as are workplaces. And some other things have probably stopped, although there is really no reason for it. As homework help.Jacob Rudbäck is CEO of Yepstr:- There is clearly a psychological aspect to this. That you do less of everything under prevailing corona circumstances. But with the technical aids we have today, it is no problem to run, for example, homework help digitally. I even think you should test it even when the pandemic is over, instead of setting when you are away or a little cold.

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