Filippa about babysitting job - "Feeling like an extra big sister"


Babysitting job that took Filippa by storm

She was 16 years old when she started taking a job via Yepstr. Two years later, Filippa Karlmann still loves the babysitting job.When Filippa Karlmann was 16 years old, she was told by a friend that the new service Yepstr provided lots of jobs to young people. She became curious, signed up and quickly received job offers from families in her area, west of Stockholm.- I could start the babysitting job almost immediately after I downloaded the app and signed up, she says. Now it has been two years and it has worked very well. Everything has been smooth and easy.- I feel very safe with both payment and insurance. Yepstr arranges everything so that I do not have to worry about anything.Read more on security of Yepstr here!Even adult customers feel safe using the app: there have been about ten welcoming families that Filippa has looked after children with.- I have been with a family since the start two years ago, where I look after Astrid, a nine-year-old girl, and Oskar, a five-year-old boy. I usually go straight from school and pick up Oskar at the preschool, then we go home and play a bit. I arrange honeydew and also dinner. The parents know that I'm not a master chef, so it's pretty simple dishes, fish sticks or meatballs. But children do not require gourmet dinners.Also find homework help via Yepstr. Read more here![caption id="attachment_695" align="aligncenter" width="992"]

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Find the kids' favorite babysitter via Yepstr[/caption]

Download Yepstr and create your ad

Do you intend to continue working?

- Yes indeed. It's so much fun when I got to keep up with the children's development, it happens a lot in the ages you notice when we look at pictures. It will be fun to continue to follow their development.- Now it feels like you have become an extra big sister on the purchase, and have been welcomed home in a family. And I have also been paid for that. I had no idea the babysitting job would be this fun!Jacob Rudbäck is the CEO and founder of Yepstr and is proud when he hears about Filippa's experiences:[caption id="attachment_754" align="alignright" width="270"]

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Jacob Rudbäck[/caption]- In 2018, Yepstr will provide over 10,000 jobs to young people between the ages of 15 and 21, which can be compared with 7,000 jobs at the Swedish Public Employment Service.What is the goal of Yepstr?- To become Sweden's largest job creator before 2020. Imagine if everyone could find out how many fantastic young people there are in Sweden and who want to work.

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What type of extra job is offered?

Via the app, the young people can take on all sorts of assignments that are posted in their immediate area. As a customer, you can place ads about most things you may need help with at home. It can be anything from babysitter, pets, gardening, homework help to party help. Below you will find information on how to use the app.

This is how Yepstr works for you as a customer
  1. Create an ad on Yepstr (it does not take more than 3 minutes) and we will send it out to babysitters in your area.
  2. Feel free to add a couple of times when you can meet babysitters for interviews. It is not uncommon to ask the babysitter to bring one of their parents to the interview. Feel free to let the children play a little with the babysitter so you can see them having fun together!
  3. When you have found one (or a couple) good matches, you book and pay directly in the app.
Extra job with Yepstr for you as a youth
  1. Download the app and get an account. Once you have done that, you can see all the assignments that are laid out within 5-7 km in your immediate area.
  2. The assignments vary and can be anything from babysitting, homework help, moving help and dog sitting.
  3. Once you have found an assignment that suits you, just search and wait to either be called for an interview, or be booked immediately.
  4. Have you been booked? Congratulations! Feedback to the customer in the chat and agree on all important details, such as time, date and address.
  5. When the assignment is completed, the customer will pay in the app, and the money lands in the account within a week.
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Yepstr - The safest app for babysitting in Sweden

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Find a dog sitter in your neighbourhood through Yepstr

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Book tutoring through Yepstr

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Book event help through Yepstr

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Get help with carpentry through Yepstr

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Affordable workforce for businesses through Yepstr

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Find a job through Yepstr

Earn money, prove that you’re dependable, unlock company jobs and build your resume.
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