Linda: This is how you get better self-confidence in the job interview


My tips for better self-confidence in babysitting interview

Taking courage before your first interview can feel both nervous and unfamiliar. One may wonder how the customer's or their own first impression will be, how to present themselves and what their expectations are. However, you should keep in mind that the customer is often also new here on Yepstr. Then both you and the customer are unfamiliar, which means that you do not have to make equally high demands on yourself and can feel more relaxed.

Get a better self-confidence that is visible to the outside world

My main tips for gaining better self-confidence for an interview is to dare to be yourself. Show interest by asking questions to the client regarding the assignment itself. Make sure that both you and the customer have the same expectations and that you both agree to the terms. By expectations and conditions, I mean that everything should be clear to both of you regarding how, where and when the assignment is to be carried out.If you feel that you have given a good impression to the customer, it also improves your self-confidence because both you and the customer have one is confident that this is something you will be able to do. When you ask questions, you also realize how knowledgeable you are before the assignment and that you learn more about how the job will go. This in turn can give you a boost before carrying out the mission.To give a good impression at his first interview, I would say is to be polite and greet everyone who is part of the assignment. Be yourself as I mentioned earlier by being nice and accommodating and giving the impression of being interested through the questions you ask. Give an impression that is not excessive but on the other hand not too relaxed, but if you are yourself, the impression is usually relaxed and pleasant.

The feeling before my first babysitter interview

My first job was as a babysitter. I would go home to a family to have an interview for future assignments. I had no idea how this would go and if the whole family would be gathered when I got there for an interview.The point I had in mind was to just be myself and feel that I have a lot of experience and be proud of these. If my experience is not enough for the assignment itself, I would still get a pat on the back by taking on the interview and feeling that I am well on my way to winning the next assignment.I came to the door and rang. It was not until then that all thoughts began to revolve around how to present yourself, how to be so as not to look completely uninterested in the assignment and how to greet the children.There I also have another tip to show self-confidence and their experience to the outside world. Namely, to not only greet the parents but also the children (in the case of babysitting jobs, for example). So make sure you visit all the parties involved in the assignment. It can be anything from a company job to homework help. It gives the customer a better confidence in you.

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After all, my first babysitter interview went well!

I managed to be myself despite the nervousness and uncertainty about whether I am good enough as I am or if my experience would be enough.Another lesson is that experience is not everything. If you give the impression that you are capable of handling the assignment and are pleasant, polite and trustworthy, you always have a good chance. It is important to trust that you can go far only with your personality, even if you do not have an entire CV to show or for that matter only a single experience.From the beginning, you do not have to make too high demands on yourself. It is during the journey that you get more experiences and opportunities to develop!

To dare to believe in oneself

It is important to start at the first step where you show your front feet that you are only interested and really want to get the job. When you have taken the plunge, you have opened several doors that can then lead to, for example, company jobs that can be about everything from packaging, working at trade fairs or in stores.It is a journey in itself and not least a boost for your self-confidence that you are good at moving on because you took that interview despite your anxiety and nervousness.See the interview as a lesson, even if it may not have gone exactly as you expected it to. Without failures, one cannot develop. Your journey consists of both setbacks and successes because it is precisely these two concepts that are part of your development.Some general tips to get less nervous:

  • Prepare your own questionsThis makes you feel more comfortable before the interview, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert person. It is reassuring to be able to know that you have your questions to turn to if a nervousness should arise at the moment. It also makes (as I mentioned earlier) that you appear interested and at the same time gain the trust of the customer. Asking questions also boosts your self-confidence.
  • Prepare answersIt can feel good to have prepared some notes about what your experiences are, what your employment is right now and your expectations for the assignment. You do not have to have perfect and clear answers. It's more about thinking through any questions to feel more comfortable during the first meeting with the customer.
  • Exaggerate your fearsThis means that you should paint the worst that can happen during the interview. It may sound a little different when you hear that you should turn it around and think more positively. We tend to paint many negative scenarios. What if I will be perceived so or so? What if I am not the right person for the job? But the fact is that it is very unlikely that the worst that you can imagine in an interview will actually happen.

The bottom line is that you can do more than you think.

When you have made it all the way to an interview, it shows that you are an ambitious and determined person. Remember that by preparing mentally, it will give you more confidence well in place. And last but not least, dare to ask questions that make you feel a little extra good.

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