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Mariami, 23 år

Tumba, Stockholms län, Sweden
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I am Mariami, with good experience in childcare, who will be a great friend to your children, I think I am a good candidate I like to get used to new surroundings and meet new people. I am an excellent Listener and learner Caring, compassionate, and patient, and Skilled at developing and leading children in fun learning activities Ability to help with homework, I can also help you with some house duties that would not be a problem for me, I love interacting with children, making friends and communicating with them, and doing the work that gives me so much pleasure will be a great opportunity for me. As regards my experience with children by profession I am a social worker, during my practice period I did a lot of jobs with children who were attacked by violence, with those who had criminal past lives and with disabled ones as well, I also have recommendations from these companies, at the same time I was working with children who had mental disorders. Since I was young I had been working in a children's amusement park as a children's carer, it was a part-time job for me. besides I babysit my nephews and niece when my brothers needed, I also work as babysitter in Stockholm now with 2 children, they are swedish speakers but we are managing well to communicate to each other, I have references and will be glad to share it with you 😍

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