Homework help and goals - How do I help my child succeed in school?


Children can not succeed in school on their own. We tell you how to help and support your children to a wonderful schooling and better grades. Everything from reasonable goals and study breaks to good homework help.As is often the case when it comes to children, there is no absolute truth. We list a number of tips and thoughts about schooling, homework help, successes and setbacks. Then choose the ones that suit your family, and especially your children, best.How does it work Yepstr?


It can not always be fun, neither at school nor at work. So working on their attitude and discipline is good for both big and small. We all remember what a challenge it was to sit down with homework when you got home after school, and not in front of TV or computer games. One tip is to practice self-control during the summer holidays. Maybe the child can save for something he or she really wants. Or you can practice together through a mobile ban during parts of the day. The person who breaks it first may have to serve coffee or the like.It is important that your child believes in being able to influence their results. If you do not feel that you can succeed, then you probably will not do it either. Talk to your children that they have what it takes, that concentration and perseverance are important. Fucking embrace simply.Children imitate. Keep this in mind when working with attitude and self-confidence. Not everyone can know everything, so do not give the impression that you can either. Show that you like learning new things, that mistakes are okay, and trying new things is rewarding.[caption id="attachment_1169" align="alignnone" width="1100"]

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"What you're fighting for" - pepper right[/caption]


It is not easy to go to school. So it is clear that you want to shower your child with praise and pepper. Then praise the effort, not the child. By that we mean praising things that the child can control such as focus, determination or how determined the child is. Better 'Well done!', Than 'You're so good at counting'. If you praise the person in a context based on performance, there is a risk that the child will feel bad when he or she fails.Praise is of course extra important when it is a bit of a struggle and you get stuck. Tell the child that you see how hard he or she is struggling, and that it has worked really well


It is good to have insight into the curriculum. In this way, you can set your own learning goals together with your child and your homework help. Try to ignore the recommendations here and set goals according to the child's conditions. Divide the goals into sub-goals. Instead of focusing on the fact that the eight-year-old should know the entire multiplication table, you learn one a month.With that said, one should not be afraid to make demands. But it must not become unrealistic, and the child should obviously not feel that the only way to make his or her parents happy is to get the highest grades in all subjects. But setting high goals together can show your child that you believe in him or her.Set long-term goals. It should be clear and motivating. Talk to each other together, parents children and homework help. The goal should preferably be a semester or a school year away, and can be either emotional, that one should think that math has become more fun, or concrete goals as a certain result on the national tests in math.Get help from a young person via Yepstr who can help your child with homework. Together, your child and your homework help can together arrive at short-term intermediate goals that must be achieved at each homework help opportunity. Weekly goal posts on the way to the big goal. Maybe to catch up in the reading book or to have time to do the math homework so they can go through the numbers together.What are the benefits of homework help? Yepstr has the answer[caption id="attachment_1172" align="alignnone" width="1467"]

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Better results with homework help, challenging but achievable goals and lots of pepper.[/caption]Other tips on homework help and gradesExpect both successes and problems. No human can perform at the top all the time. You have to reckon with mistakes, bad luck and other circumstances that can affect. Then focus on attitude and effort before results!You cannot buy success, either as an adult or as a child. Pay your child to do homework or reach a certain grade. Talk in the family, teach the children that there are other incentives to succeed.Always welcome questions and encourage curiosity. When talking about homework and learning, try asking questions that you can't answer yes or no to. In this way, the child gets to practice developing his thoughts and reasoning. "Is there another way" and "Can you think of anything more" are two good example questions.Set routines for school work early. Homework should be done right after lunch, and maybe you can sit down and plan your homework every Monday before dinner? But try to avoid homework in bed, on the weekend, and late nights as long as possible - it should be associated with rest.More tips can be found here, and here![caption id="attachment_1170" align="alignnone" width="1650"]

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Help your child gain better self-confidence with homework help[/caption]Homework help via YepstrBeing so present in your child's life is the absolute goal of most parents. But you do not always have time between all the musts, to have time to support with homework. Do you recognize yourself? Then you should try homework help via Yepstr.Via Yepstr you will not find large semester packages and high semester fees. On our app, you get in touch with talented, smart and competent young people in your area who are happy to help your child reach their goals. Post an ad that clarifies your child's needs and get a quick response. You can book interviews for free, directly in the app.Feel free to go through the above tips with your new homework help. Also sit down with children and homework help to go through the lesson or the past week. What have we learned? Has anything been particularly easy or difficult? How do we do this better next time?And you, do not forget the breaks. Being able to run, climb and jump is a must to succeed in school.Good luck!Get started right away. Find homework help before the semester begins

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